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Our students are prepared to be leaders in today’s complex and changing world. They develop the knowledge and analytical skills they will need for successful careers and informed citizenship.

Our classes are purposely small; most have no more than 40 students. You’ll learn from some of the top professors in the field — professors who will know you by name. Student organizations will give you a chance to get to know your peers and be actively involved in co-curricular activities.

You can have internship opportunities in private industry or with social services agencies, nonprofit organizations and the criminal justice system. There are also ample undergraduate research opportunities, with students working together with faculty on original research projects.

Enroll in the sociology program at NIU and you’ll learn to master critical thinking, oral and written communication, as well as sociological data collection and analysis.

Let us help you develop your sociological imagination!


On Friday, October 26, Kristie Crane received the Distinguished Staff Award at the CLAS Distinguished Awards. Congratulations to Kristie! 

Prof. Jeffrey L. Kidder co-authored an article published on The Washington Post website titled, "If you think campus speech is all angry confrontation, you’re looking in the wrong places".

Sociology Professor Kidder was quoted in a Chronicle of Higher Education article on the new platform of the California College Republicans. ‘Degenerate and Murderous’: California Campus Republicans’ Platform Attacks College Culture. 

The statewide group rips birth-control funding, tolerance of transgender people, and support for Muslim groups in a combative document that one scholar says veers right of even many conservative students.

Jeffrey L. Kidder, an associate professor of sociology at Northern Illinois University who studies politics on campus, said the group’s “combative tone” and objects of attack were noteworthy. Kidder wrote in an email that it was “remarkable” how at odds the platform was with conservative students as a whole. “Specifically, the mantra we have been hearing over and over again is ‘socially liberal, fiscally conservative.’ The CCR platform is about as far from that as possible.” Kidder wrote he was certain that many “non-conservative” students would consider parts of the document “hate speech.”

NIU Sociology graduate, Andrew Traver, receives Distinguished Alumnus of the Year award.

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